Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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After much difficulties with time constraints, and computers crashing - the second blog post is finally up. Darnit.

My photographic muse is the Pritchard House, constructed over the summer of 1891 in Titusville, Florida. For nearly all my life I have been fascinated by the house, the history of which, up until recent times, was completely unknown to me - and now, today, I'm involved in its restoration to become a house museum - and anyone who has been fascinated by the place can come and discover it.


Parks and Recreation wants to add a catering kitchen to the Pritchard House, the addition of which would result in the loss of the maid's passage, an integral and important part of the Pritchard House's layout. The loss of the Maid's Passage would permanently alter the historic integrity of the house. Please e-mail Commissioner Scarborough, and the North Brevard Parks and Recreation Director and support not altering the Maid's Passage to make way for a catering/serving kitchen, a facility that is not in the true spirit of a historic house museum.

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